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10 Facts about the Nature of Jersey Cows

Jersey cows are interesting creatures, and can be very unique compared to the other dairy breeds. Even though they are the smallest breed of dairy cattle, it doesn’t keep them from having some of the biggest personalities.

Here are a few interesting facts about the nature of Jerseys that set them apart from the other dairy breeds: 

1- They hang out in groups

Jersey cow groups


2- They are extremely curious. They like to be in the know about everything

Jersey cows are curious

They’re kind of nosey

3- They are the cutest babies

Jersey Calf

Baby De-calf

4- They can be the leaders of the herd

Jersey cows are leaders

The herd leaders

5- They like playing with their tongues

Jersey cows

When you get bored, you have to come up with creative things to do

6- The Jersey bulls make up for their small size with attitude. They are the meanest bulls

Jersey bull

Small size, big attitude

7- They are great moms

Jersey cow

8- They have the most stylish eyes


9- Are always the instigators and troublemakers

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Cow choir

Cow choir

We liked little Hippos so we put a ring on him

We liked little Hippos so we put a ring on him

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo dairy style

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo dairy style

Happy valentines day!

Happy valentines day!

How can you say no to a face like this

How can you say no to a face like this

Drank me

The thrilling story of a drop of water - its humble journey, and adventurous conversion into milk. Written by my little sister.

I’m a drop of water that fell from the sky and into a water trough where a cow drank me.

I then went for a ride inside the cow to the barn. The cow that I was in got milked, and I ended up in a huge milk truck for a ride into town.

Into a bottling plant I went. The factory put me into a jug, and sent all the gallons to the store.

So there I was sitting in a cold refrigerator, waiting for someone to buy me.

When suddenly a stranger came by and took me home.

Then drank me. 

Bffs <3

Bffs <3

Meet De-calf, his moms name is Coffee

Meet De-calf, his moms name is Coffee